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Time & Gravity are Friends to No One

Time and gravity are friends to no one when it comes to the visible signs of aging. It can be quite a shock to look in the mirror one day and see your parent or grandparent looking back at you.

The aging process affects the entire body, but the ravages of time are most notable in the face. As the skin loses its fatty layer, the face loses its youthful contours. The texture of the skin becomes coarser and it descends from the neck, jaws, and cheeks, causing unsightly pouches, “wattles” in the neck, and overhanging jowls.

Fortunately, Dr. Peck can perform a custom-tailored facelift to improve facial contours and rejuvenate overall appearance by tightening muscles and tissue and repositioning the skin. Dr. Peck is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has operated on thousands of patients in the New Jersey area.

What to Expect from a Facelift

The overall results a patient can expect from a facelift will depend on several factors, including bone structure, skin tone and suppleness, the amount of excess skin, and the patient’s ability to maintain his or her weight. 

A facelift procedure can tighten the skin around the mouth and the eyes and help eliminate a sagging appearance of the face. It is typically performed in combination with eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing to improve skin tone and texture.

Begin Your Transformation Journey

Common Facelift Procedures:

Traditional Facelift

This surgery can provide optimal correction for patients with moderate to significant facial sagging. Incisions are made around the ears and into the hairline, with a small incision under the chin. The muscles underlying the skin are tightened and excess fat and skin are removed, for dramatic, long-lasting results.


This is a tried and true surgical option for targeting the lower one-third of the face. The S-lift technique gets its name from the S-shaped incision the surgeon makes to separate the skin from the underlying tissue. The incision is made in front of the ear, disguised by the ear fold.

The surgeon lifts the skin, tightens the muscles and underlying tissue, and closes the incision with sutures. Patients who do not require a standard facelift but have sagging in the mouth and jowl area can benefit from this less invasive procedure.


Also known as a “weekend facelift,” the mini-facelift allows a patient to undergo surgery on Friday and return to work on Monday, resuming normal activities. This procedure is much less invasive than the traditional facelift.

It involves small incisions in the hairline through which the surgeon can remove excess skin and tissue. The mini-facelift produces less dramatic results than the traditional facelift, and is most appropriate for patients who have the early signs of aging.

Why Choose Dr. Peck?

Dr. Peck of Peck Plastic Surgery has been helping patients of all ages look and feel their best for decades. He has served the New Jersey area for many years, performing aesthetic plastic surgery procedures with a commitment to surgical excellence and providing a comfortable treatment experience for his patients.

If you are interested in a facelift, call our office in New Jersey to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peck. Cosmetic procedure consultations are complimentary.

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